The Blue Indian’s Acoustic Alley: Geri X

St. Pete, Florida musician Geri X was a huge hit at our most recent Blue Indian show. Everyone was talking about how great her set was.

After the show, we grabbed Geri and her colleague Greg Roteik to give us an intimate acoustic set in an alley of downtown Macon, GA. Despite breaking a string in the first song and holding up traffic in the second, they gave a terrific performance that had passers-by stopping in their tracks to listen.

We hope this is the first of many acoustic sets recorded for The Blue Indian and we are tentatively calling this new video series “Acoustic Alley.” Let us know if you’d like to see more of your favorite artists recorded this way. While you’re at it be sure to click our new Facebook “Like” button to the right to share this with your friends.

Geri X – The Ground Rules (acoustic)

[youtube id=ruhPbFhwIm8 showinfo=0]

Geri X – Let’s Talk (acoustic)

[youtube id=rXhpSi5d3dI showinfo=0]