Video and Photos: MOLLY PARDEN @ The 567

Molly Parden is quickly becoming a crowd favorite in Macon, GA. It seems like it was yesterday when she made her debut in Macon. Now, it’s pretty much a guarantee that she’ll draw a nice, packed crowd every time she plays The 567. Always impressing with her smooth vocals, Molly is establishing herself as a premiere songwriter with seemingly everything in the world going for her. With a full-length due out very soon (stay tuned here or at Molly’s facebook page), you can bank on seeing Molly out on the road promoting the record. I expect the record to be of the first couple of sparks that’ll eventually catapult her into stardom. I know she’s extremely excited about putting something out that she and her friends can be proud of. “I am teaming up with the illustrious Joel Seibel in his Grant Park studio to craft the songs I have been singing over the past year . . . . Nine of my songs will be on the record with instrumentation by a select few prolific performers including, but not limited to, Micah Williams, Gabe Seibel, Thomas Lockwood, and Danny Brewer (Besides Daniel), ” says Parden. So, until this anticipated record hits the streets, enjoy our coverage of her set in Macon at The 567 Gallery Stage, as she opened for Matrimony on January 22, 2011.

[youtube id=hNEmaYJO5rw]