Videos: John Mark McMillan Live at The 567

It’s no secret that John Mark McMillan is the freshest songwriter that the Christians of this world have to listen to. And if I’m being honest, his music amazingly carries itself out of  the confines of being restricted to just the Christian genre, as he is beginning to gain the respect of folks who don’t claim to be of the faith. The Christian market is starting to realize that this man is a gem to be cherished. After building a strong fanbase independently, McMillan, quickly after releasing the critically acclaimed 2008 record, The Medicine, Integrity Media (via Columbia) signed him to a deal that would further equip him with the tools necessary to have his music heard all around the world. As he’s wrapping up the recording process of what will be his 2nd record released under Integrity, he’s on tour with bandmates and friends, All The Bright Lights, with the plans to hit bars and clubs all across the United States. Recently on March 12th, and The Refuge (a booking agency out of Macon) joined forces to have John Mark McMillan and All The Bright Lights play Macon, GA for the first time. Making their debut at The 567, the crowd there to hear them play was simply blown away by his set. Absolutely blown away. We’ll be posting more photos from John Mark McMillan’s set, as well as some photos from All The Bright Lights’ set, along with possibly a few more videos of JMM. But we’re probably most excited about our TBI Acoustic Alley session with John Mark. The rocker performs 2 new songs that will make the new record, Economy, which will release in September of this year. Stay tuned for the TBI Acoustic Alley session!

[youtube id=1UjhlPsrhF8] [youtube id=y7fI6MeOLLw]