Baby Baby – “Money”

Claire Morgan gives her review of Carrolton-via-Atlanta dance-rock sensations Baby Baby’s latest CD!

Luke Goddard

out of 10

Baby Baby
May 16, 2011
The Gospel of Rhythm Recordings

What happens when you place Sublime, Modest Mouse, The Blood Brothers, Fugazi, a few assorted jam bands, short shorts, and a beach ball in a martini shaker with some cheap hard liquor? You’ve got Baby Baby, Georgia’s own “Fun Rock” band. Late this past May, this eccentric group released their first full length album—with all the untamed energy you’d expect.

The opening track, “”Instead Of Spending My $20 On the Blink 182 Reunion Show I Took You Out On a Date and You Never Returned My Phone Call So Don’t Ever Expect to Eat Free Shrimp Scampi Again Bitch!,” basically sums up the general theme for the rest of the 12 track LP: catchy, punchy, silliness.

‘Kidz’ is an energetic yet reflective song narrating the difficulties in having big dreams, (in Fontez’s and the crew’s case—becoming rock stars). “We’re gonna gonna make it, uh!”
Baby Baby even throws in a heavy number for good measure. ‘Fight Club’ completes the album, with its novel finger snaps, nasty guitar line, and angsty ‘simmah down’s.
One of many dance number, ‘Breakin’, has the crafty components to truly rock a live performance: bopping cymbals, a memorable refrain, and a wild mock breakdown to tease the crowd.

‘Don’t Kiss the Merch Girl” sounds like an authentic suburban garage band track recorded on the microphone of some kid’s karaoke machine (yet charmingly so), with its unadulterated guitar riffs, crashing cymbals, and randomized and at times hysterical vocals.
The last track, ‘Nothing to Lose,’ is a humorous skit-turned song about robbing a bank which undeniably parades the spunk and ingenuity of this clever foursome.

Unlike most pop-punk bands that try to implant at least one slow, thoughtful track on their album to remind the audience that they take themselves seriously, Baby Baby strays away from the weightiness of depth—and delivers an ample, frisky soundtrack for every drunken pool party there ever was or will be. But, if the band doesn’t even take themselves seriously, should we? Maybe, Baby.

– Claire Morgan, July 15, 2011