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A Picture of Luke Goddard

In the Summer of 2009 after having earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Luke had the idea of starting a music blog that would promote Georgia, independent talent especially, but maintaining a broad focus on artists and bands across the globe. The idea soon became a reality and as they say, the rest is his in the books. Luke currently resides in Macon, GA and is fortunate to be married to a beautiful woman named Drew. She said yes to him for the world to see and the two a few years later became the proud parents of Lennox and Hines. You can follow Luke on Twitter and soon realize that he's an avid fan of the Atlanta Braves, Georgia Bulldogs, Atlanta Falcons, and the Atlanta Hawks.

Luke Goddard's Latest Contributions

So Long, Farewell … From The Blue Indian

After eight years, we’re saying goodbye as of February 29, 2016! Luke, Sean, William, and Andy reflect back on the evolution of the website and the community that formed around it. Thanks for the memories!

Staff Column: My Top 10 Beatles Songs

Okay. Back to reality: Yes, I am a paid, premium subscriber to Spotify. I’m not going to be hard headed about the technological advancement of our day; I’ll grow with the times. My collection of vinyl LPs, physical CDs, and cassette tapes is proof that the struggle with it all is real, though. I just feel […]

Mark Your Calendars: 5 Must-See Shows in October

Luke Goddard keeps it simple and gives you 5 shows you mustn’t miss in October. Mark your calendars!

Across the Table with John Mark McMillan

We recently caught up with John Mark McMillan in Chattanooga, TN to discuss what’s on the horizon for the indie artist.

VOTE for #GoodNightAlive to win #mabf!

We couldn’t be more proud of Macon, GA band Good Night Alive. After randomly stumbling into VH1’s “Make a Band Famous” contest, where thousands of no-name acts submitted entries to land a record deal with Republic Records, the group– with the help of their hometown– made it into a cut of just 60 acts! To […]

INTERVIEW: John Mark McMillan

“If I wanted to sing about speaking in tongues, relationships, The Walking Dead, or Jesus… Then done. If I wanted 2 drummers, a dulcimer, and a string section… Done.” -JMM

VOTE for The Blue Indian for “Best Blog”!

Help us win “Best Local Blog” for our hometown, Macon, GA!

Luke’s “Top 13 Albums of 2013”

The Blue Indian’s Luke Goddard delivers his Top 13 of 2013 with a surprising number 1 pick!

Michael McFarland – A Failed Breakup

Shumate says the EP is “an encounter pleasant enough in itself, but with little to recommend a long or intentional visit.”