Between Symmetries – Movetur

Peterson weighs in on Savannah-based rock act Between Symmetries’ newest EP, ‘Movetur’

Peterson Worrell

out of 10

Between Symmetries
October 23, 2015

The Savannah music scene seems to be one that is constantly in flux. Bands come, bands change, and, unfortunately, bands sometimes go. In the midst of all that flux, there are often bands that somehow manage sneak in under the radar and hit the scene like a flashbang, causing a much needed stir among listeners. Case in point: Between Symmetries.

The recent rejuvenation of 90’s alt rock has been one of mixed results. A new generation of musicians is taking up its own spin on classics that an older generation grew up with. Bands like Thrice, The Movielife, and Jimmy Eat World are now playing the muse and while some works may be derivative, some shine through by highlighting, but not completely relying on the styles of those who came prior. Between Symmetries sophomore effort, Movetur, is a great example of how to get this done. The guitar work is a great balance between aggressive, dissonant riffs combined with more thoughtful, nearly pensive leads at times. Jenkin’s hyper-emotional lyricism and vocals make for a great match with the tracks. But that’s not to say that all the tracks on Movetur are as tumultuous as “A Monologue”, track number two on the EP. “Aeonian”, track four, definitely dials back intensity in terms of the guitar work in order to focus more on the earnestness of Jenkin’s lyrics.

Movetur is an album that’s sure to resonate with fans of 90’s alt rock as well as contemporary music fans of various genres. There’s a bit of mid 90’s emo circa Braid, a bit of post-hardcore a la Jawbox, and even a slight tinge of grunge if you tease it out. But the work overall never really comes across as a blatant rip of anything. Between Symmetries, while still a bit young and rough, are certainly a band to keep an eye on, especially for those of us in Georgia. They’re a breath of fresh air delivering a tried and true recipe in a slightly new fashion. Be sure to keep an eye on them this Spring as they prepare to hit the road for a few in and out of state shows. There’re even some rumblings of a new EP in the works for early Summer so be sure to stay tuned for that as well.