Diskjokke’s “En Fin Tid”

In her usual short-and-to-the-point fashion, Lindsey gives Diskjokke’s record an 8 and calls it “fresh and optimistic.” (Read more)

Luke Goddard

out of 10

En Fin Tid
June 22, 2010

It has been described as “vintage rave,” “Euro prog disco,” “kraut,” and “Italo house infused.” I can only guess at what any of that means, but the latest release from Diskjokke, En Fin Tid (translating to A Happy Time), is a masterful album exhibiting Joachim Dyrdahl’s fluency in aural composition.

This collection of tracks verges more intellectual than dance electronica. There is something unique in the way Diskjokke mixes– murmurs on influence from (may I say the legendary) Brian Eno can’t be far off.

En Fin Tid sounds fresh and optimistic, the album’s supposed inspiration being the birth of Dyrdahl’s first child and his decision to quit his day job and dedicate himself to his music. So far, it seems like Diskjokke has made the right choice.