Mystery Jets’ “Serotonin”

“Fresh like summer salad and citrus infused drinks, Mystery Jets’ Serotonin is delectable.” -SB

Guest Writer

out of 10

Mystery Jets
July 13, 2010
Rough Trade Records

Fresh like summer salad and citrus infused drinks, Mystery Jets’ Serotonin is delectable. Like a scoop of vanilla over fresh blueberry cobbler, Serotonin leaves you satisfied and full—and when the summer is as hot and tedious as this one, fresh baked musical cobbler sounds mighty nice.

Serotonin opens with the anticipation building “Alice Springs” and keeps the adrenaline pumping throughout the album. It’s an excellent album for movement, whether taking a jog, a drive, a walk or a bike ride. From their Beach Boys reminiscent harmonies on “The Girl is Gone” to the dreamy kaleidoscope of sounds in “Flash a Hungry Smile” and “Show Me The Light,” Mystery Jets keep the listener invigorated with their multi-hue tracks while maintaining cohesion.

To get into specifics, “Serotonin” is my favorite track on the album. It’s catchy, warm and bright. Yeah, it’s boy meets girl (aptly one named Sarah), but I still like it. (Okay, so maybe I’m biased for my own namesake, but it’s still a solid song.) Personal bias aside, even my least favorite song on the album is a pretty excellent song.

While this album isn’t the best album I’ve heard this year, I am at a loss for anything overly negative to say. It’s a solid album from a refreshing band and I look forward to putting it in my summer playlist. If you’re looking for something to help break the monotony of the heat this summer, I suggest mixing yourself up a lemon spritzer and giving this album a whirl.