Amy Godwin – “Bones”

Amy Godwin

She’s from McDonough, GA, but is often found serenading the drooling men and women around downtown Macon, GA.

I first discovered this Norah Jones successor while attending one of my brother-in-law’s shows. I can remember parking my car a few blocks down and hearing a big voice coming from the area where my bro would be playing. Figuring it was coming from the bar next door, I made it up in my mind that I would stop and listen to her for a few minutes and then slip over to hear my bro’s set. To my surprise, she was opening for my bro and his friends. Nearly peeing myself, I sat comfortably on the floor and just took it all in. So good. So good that my lady and I decided immediately that she’d sing in our wedding ceremony. Amy sent over this breath-taking tune. It’s called, “Bones.”

MP3: “Bones”