MP3: Elf Power

Elf Power

After having released nine albums, two EP’s, a handful of singles, and touring America, Europe, and Japan, Elf Power definitely hasn’t thought about slowing down. Or at least it doesn’t appear that way. Veterans in the surging Athens (Georgia) music scene, Elf Power stays busy with their indie label, Orange Twin Records, which is owned and operated by members of Elf Power. Jimmy (from Elf) sent over this (restful) track that put me to sleep last night. “A Tired Army” will be my cradle-song on repeat over the next couple of days. Its abrupt end is probably my favorite part. A few things here before you listen to the MP3, “A Tired Army”:

  1. Read SPIN’s review of Elf’s show back in 07′ in Chicago.
  2. Get to know them over HERE.
  3. Check out their DAYTROTTER session. One of the cooler sites on the Net, no doubt.
  4. Bookmark their OFFICIAL website.
  5. Stay tuned to their MySpace page.

Download “A Tired Army”