MP3: Washed Out

Washed Out - Fun Run

I have so much more music to be blurbing about, but I just can’t get enough of this guy. We recently did a Q & A with Washed Out, a.k.a Ernest Greene, (search the archives) and every time I turn around, new Washed Out stuff is being leaked. His song, “Get Up,” one of my favorites, can be found on Side A of his 12″ that was recently released off ofMexican Summer. The album is called “Life of Leisure,”HERE. Currently, Greene is hanging out in one of his bedrooms making and producing new music. Oh yeah, and being tweeted about by Ricky Martin (who knew?!). Complex Magazine seems to like his “indie-scene cred.” I’m purchasing some nice, muffed headphones to take to Hawaii with me next week for my honeymoon. I’ll use them mostly on the 9 hour flight there and back. Washed Out will be the perfect jam for the plane ride (flight?).

MP3: “Get Up”