All the Bright Lights Debuts New Single “Still Beating”

All The Bright Lights promo picYou haven’t forgotten about that band, All The Bright Lights, have you? Unless you’ve spent the first half of 2011 in a cave, I’m sure you’re very familiar with who I’m talking about. They are John Mark McMillan’s band. And yes, they have their own band. The band consists of brothers Jon and James Duke, along with drummer, Jacob Arnold. Their debut record made such a splash that it got Relevant Magazine’s attention along with the gig of the supporting act of John Mark McMillan’s “A Mighty Raucous Evening” Headlining Tour. So when you’re as good as ATBL, things can happen quick for you. Sometimes you can just skip theAll The Bright Lights Still Beating laborious years of “getting there.” I’ve always had a simple philosophy with that. I hear indie bands all the time complain about touring for 5 straight years and still can’t make a career out of their music. In my head, my response to that is always “Well, that’s because you’re not good enough.”

All the Bright Lights is good enough. And that’s why they’re seeing such success so quickly. That’s my take on it anyways. Film director, Jared Hogan, of the short film, “Among Us” chose All the Bright Lights to score the film, which is set to soon be released. One of the tracks from the film happens to be All the Bright Lights’ latest single called “Still Beating,” which released this past Tuesday, September 20th. The track definitely stays consistent with that moody, almost celestial sound that you heard on their debut record, but the track is a little more vocally driven, which to me, was a step in a different direction for the band. There’s a lot going on with this track and it certainly requires more than a few listens to truly appreciate what these guys are doing. Take a listen for yourself below and then GO BUY IT from iTunes.