With their newest album, Be The Void, freshly out on Anti Records, Dr. Dog has spent the past few months touring the states and working through the new tunes and crowd favorites from their previous albums. After taking a short stint off between tours, the Philadelphia-based 6-piece, will be back out soon for a full fall schedule of festival and club dates.

We thought it would be pretty neat to talk with the band about some things but we had so much on our minds that we weren’t really sure where to start. After talking with them a bit, we figured that it would be best to let their fans submit questions they’ve been wanting to know the answers to and we’ll sort through them. While they obviously can’t answer every question, we’re going make sure they knock out as many of them as possible!

So, all you have to do is simply include your question in the comment section below OR email it to [email protected]. Make sure to include at least your first name or initials, where your’re from and how old you are (unless you really don’t want to).  Once we have all the questions, we’re going to send them off to the band and get you some answers and soon as we can. 

Make sure to pick up a copy of Be The Void and check out the guys on their fall tour. We’ll be seeing them at Music on the Mountaintop, as well as at their GA date. ASK AWAY!

[youtube id=I_RvcS0PDoA]