Band: Noah and The Whale

Noah and the Whale

One of our favorite bands around here, Noah and the Whale, will be releasing their new record, entitled, “The First Days of Spring” on October 6, 2009. This is a date that has been marked on The Blue Indian calender for quite some time now. If you’re the vinyl-only type, you can grab the 7″ at Pure Groove. Their first release, “Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down,” contained some pretty groovin’ tracks, like “Mary” and “Rocks and Daggers.” Their new record will not disappoint. While their songs have been featured in several commercials that have aired nationwide on numerous occasions, NATW still plan to remain an indie band. Their label, Cherry Tree Records, is a thriving little label with some pretty impressive artists on their roster. As a way to market their new record, they released a trailer to an indie film that they are releasing along with the record. You can check that out below. We’re excited around these parts, as we feel NATW will continue to find success with their multi-stringed band.

[vimeo id=5743677]