January 2012 “Band of the Month” – CUSSES

Its a new year and with that means changes. Resolutions. Weight loss. Cutting cigarettes. Eating veggies. We figured we would put all that aside and focus on something a bit more important. Starting this year, we will be featuring one band per month that we want to introduce you to so that you can mix things up on your playlists. These artists will be coming from all around the country, not just the South East. Check them out. Download them. Enjoy.

TBI’s Band of The month: CUSSES

CUSSES is a three‐piece rock band that is releasing its debut LP on HA! Records in January 2012. The band hails from Savannah, Georgia and delivers a blend of raw, forceful and energetic rock music and performance. With a new lease on the vast world of music, the trio is out to put a burn on the endless music community.

TBI: What can we expect from Cusses in 2012? You all have less than a year to prove yourselves to the world…

CUSSES: If we only had a year, we would start by blowing up some buildings. Realistically, you can expect a great debut album, and a lot more of where that came from on album #2. You can expect CUSSES to perform with great bands, hopefully some festivals, and maybe a line of CUSSES action figures.

How would you best describe your hometown and the music scene there? One would think that Savannah has a bustling music scene but we’re only familiar with a number of bands there and very rarely see touring bands stop through.

Savannah is a small town with a big city attitude. The historic district is probably the most attractive part of Savannah‐ it has a European feel, great architecture, intimate and creative vibes, and you can get drunk in the streets (as long as you use a to‐go cup). Right now, the music scene seems to be perfectly proportioned to the size of Savannah. You can see live music any night of the week, without the scene being over‐saturated with nonsense. There are a lot of great bands in Savannah, but it takes a lot more than to just be a great band to be recognized at a larger scale. This town lacks mid‐sized venues, which may make Savannah unattractive to touring bands, but the people’s support is here and ready.

You all have been working with Vulcan Army, a start up agency out of Nashville that has made great strides the past year. Adam (Intrator – Triathalon) has mentioned to me that you all are working on an independent record label that will be based in Savannah and feature area artists?

There are several reasons we started HA! Records, but the biggest is the benefit. We want to create a platform for people to be helped and heard, and in an era where who you know overshadows yourability and talent, this is extremely important. HA! Records encompasses a family feel with a DIY attitude – we all need to help each other to be heard, to move forward, and to be successful.

Through working with Vulcan Army you’ve got to play with some pretty amazing touring bands around the South East. Who would you recommend to us and our readers as “Quite Possibly The Next Best Thing, Ever”

We whole‐heartedly recommend and endorse CUSSES from Savannah, Georgia!

What would the root of your material be, both musically and lyrically? Not necessarily influences in the common sense, but what inspires you all to create what you do?

We make music that we want to hear. It’s that simple. We are inspired by great rock music and great rock shows. Partly, we want to live up to the greatness of our idols, but this is also our outlet. The three of us have different backgrounds, different personalities, different things that make up our waking moments… the music is a blend of who we are and what we’ve been through… this is how we take it. The alternative is three unhappy people, and this is way cheaper than therapy.

If Cusses were to have a signature mixed drink, what would be in it?

Equal parts grown and sexy.

CUSSES – “Purses”

[youtube id=HPcN1jbrZds showinfo=0]
Directed by: Brian Lackey
Photo: Andrew Brodhead