BESIDES DANIEL’s “Unanswered Questions” Music Video

We brought to your attention a several weeks ago that Besides Daniel had released a DVD with three “one-shot” music videos and a host of other material. Tucked away in those “extra features” is this gem – a new song by Danny Brewer called “Unanswered Questions.” The Blue Indian’s own William Haun directed the music video and gave it a unique look that complements the nostalgic and familial sentiments of Brewer’s lyrics.

You can buy the DVD for a mere $5 online or in person if you come to tonight’s show at The 567 in downtown Macon, GA. Besides Daniel will be performing alongside Arthur Alligood, Molly Parden, Threadbare Brother, and Cory Watkins.

[youtube id=Bf9W0wDsQdw]