The Blue Indian Presents: Inland Traveler

inlandtravelerIt took me a bit of searching to realize when and where I was first introduced to Lucas Madrazo, one of the members of Brooklyn-based act Inland Traveler. A browse through my inbox showed we first started communicating nearly three years ago after a mutual friend passed along their music, as well as the music of The Antivillains, another project Lucas worked with.

Time passed and we eventually would feature The Antivillains on one of’s compilations, but we never really had the opportunity to work with Inland Traveler until this past February when the band stopped in Macon to visit family and play an intimate house show at a home in the Historic District.

Unfortunately, I was far too wrapped up in my work to make it to the show, but friends made a point to tell me all about it over the next week – again and again.

Enjoy the beautiful camera work of Andy Carter as he captures the trio performing three songs. If you like what you hear, visit their Bandcamp here. – Sean Pritchard

Inland Traveler – “Where We Belong”

[youtube id=jJaRC3RX4fg]

Inland Traveler – “November Moon”

[youtube id=_7oeubEIfp4]

Inland Traveler – “Lens Flare”

[youtube id=i9iTHA19f6M]