Complacency is not in the vocabulary of Tennessee four piece Commerce with today’s release of the band’s first full-length album The Things I Say vs. The Things I Mean.

Immediately after they received glowing reviews from Alternative Press, Blurt and Absolutepunk for their sun-drenched EP, What Happens Now, Commerce returned to the studio without blinking an eye. With over 40 raw songs to work with, The Things I Say vs. The Things I Mean was always going to be a giant step forward for the band and the 12 track album certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Combine the rawness of Weezer with the depth of Death Cab for Cutie and the Decemberists, add a dash of Silversun Pickups for body and you have a sound that has matured a lot since What Happens Now, while retaining the kind of adolescent innocence that never grows old.

The addition of strings, bells and steel percussion are complemented brilliantly by driving guitars, eerie keys, silky riffs and much heavier drums to produce a sound that is significantly darker yet ironically more upbeat.

The new album is now available on iTunes and you can stream the last EP in its entirety on their SoundCloud page (the EP which our friends over at SceneSC called “honestly the best EP [they’ve] ever received in the mail”).