Exclusive Premiere: Dear Blanca – “Temporary Solution”

photo courtesy of Post-Echo

photo: AC Villavicencio

Given life in 2011, Dear Blanca is a trio of like-minded musicians from South Carolina, offering an eclectic range of sounds inspired by diverse acts such as the Minutemen and Townes Van Zandt. Born a two-piece featuring Dylan Dickerson on vocals/guitar and Marc Coty on drums, the band soon matured to include Cam Powell on bass after the debut release of Talker in early 2013. Dear Blanca’s full-length follow up, Pobrecito, was released in July of the following year.

“Temporary Solution” is the lead single from Dear Blanca’s upcoming EP, I Don’t Mean to Dwell – scheduled for release on March 4th, 2016 through our friends at Post-Echo. Check out the premiere of the track in the player below.

The track glides along with charming intensity — momentum that is neither anxious or excessive. There are near-frantic moments but they gracefully collapse upon themselves, or perhaps work themselves out.

The band will be on tour throughout the end of January with Secret Guest. A full list of dates is included below.