Deluna Festival: Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

I was first exposed to Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights some months ago in Atlanta. I had taken the trip with a few friends to catch back-to-back shows from Grace Potter & The Nocturnals as they began conquering America. I’ll have to say that I was far from impressed once Tyler and his band had finished their first song. That may have had to do with the fact that one of Grace’s friends became a last minute opener for the show and pretty much took everyone from a 10 to a 2.

3-4 songs into their set, I realized exactly why I was watching them. I went from a cynical “Why am I watching the male-fronted version of the band that I’m paying to see” attitude to something much closer to ” I’m glad I got here early”. The Dallas, Texas-based 5 piece did all the could to impress the crowd, and they didn’t have to do much. I looked around and saw people of literally all ages (for some reason, Grace Potter is a family show) bobbing around to the sounds of songs like “Pardon Me” or “Gypsy Woman”.

The guys will be making a stop in Pensacola, Florida on Sunday, October 16th as part of the annual Deluna Festival. will be there to fill you in on everything you missed while you were sitting on your sofa and such. JT & TNL play on Sunday, October 16th at Deluna Festival on the “ Stage” at 4:15pm. You can check out the full lineup for any questions about how to best spend your time at the festival.