Dignan Re-releases Fan-Favorite, “Tangled Woods (EP)” on iTunes

Dignan, natives of McAllen, TX, released a free, limited-time EP entitled, “Tangled Woods” during Christmas of 2008. The 3-track release quickly became a fan-favorite, as it arguably had more punch than any of the other Dignan records– probably because it’s so concise in nature. Thoroughly thought-out, the band couldn’t have picked 3 better tracks to be included on the EP. Easily the best track on the record, “Ships” shows off the power behind frontman Andy Pena’s voice, which is all-to-familiar to Dignan fans like us over here at TBI. Do yourself  a favor and refrain from buying a Starbucks coffee this week, and instead spend that $2.97 by purchasing this gut-grabbing EP that’s available over at iTunes.