FREE EP: Amy Godwin LIVE! @ The 567

So Amy Godwin has been playing shows for a handful of years and often makes Macon, GA a place where she can show off the new material she’s been working on. So lucky for those local to the area, they get to be some of the first to hear her debut her material in its most vulnerable state. But what about for those not from Macon? Those that just can’t make the trek down (or up) to hear her play these tunes. Those who have completely worn out the songs that are on her MySpace page. What about those fans who have frankly grown impatient waiting on Godwin to finally put out a record. Well friends, I have two things to say to you. First, she is in the studio currently working on her debut EP. So yeah, get excited. I’m pumped. And secondly, she has allowed us here at to make available an 8-track “LIVE! at The 567” EP!  How exciting is that? Download this to your iTunes and let it play on repeat. If she’s this good live, one can only imagine how sick her EP is going to be. We hope to release more “LIVE! at The 567” EP’s in the future, but we’d like to take a moment to thank Amy for being the first to allow us to embark on this project. Thank you, Amy and enjoy, everyone!

>>>> Download the Amy Godwin Live @ The 567 EP

Listen to AMY GODWIN’s Set at The 567 (01/21/11)

1 – Bones

2 – Praise be the Woman

3 – Summer Swallow

4 – Goodnight to You

5 – To James, Lost at Sea

6 – Honeycomb

7 – City We Made

8 – Bitterblue (w/ audience participation)