free mp3: “Good for You (I Would Be)” by Nive Nielsen

Nive Nielsen

Nive Nielsen :: Good for You ( I Would Be)

The Inuk , Nive Nielsen (pronounced Nehvee), played her very first concert in front of the Danish Queen and performed in America for the very first time at this year’s SXSW. Nive is back for another North-American adventure, kicking off at the Pop Montreal Festival and will make two appearances at Filter Magazine’s Culture Collide Festival in Los Angles. Nive Nielsen and The Deer Children, featuring the band members Jan De Vroede, Tom Pintens, Tim Van Den Bergh, Filip Wauters, Lisa Gamble and Dagobert Sondervan will display their all-encompassing passion for music in general and the ukulele and cowboy boots in specific on stage.

Nive, who is still unsigned in America, won an American IMA independent music award for her “Pirate Song” feat. Howe Gelb in the category Vox Pop (People´s Choice) singer-songwriter/indie. Even though her EP Nive Sings! is available digitally in America, her debut full-length album “Nive Sings – as played by Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children”, produced by John Parish (PJ Harvey, M.Ward), has thus far only been released in Greenland and has sold 4,000 copies in a country with just 55,000 inhabitants.

Her debut “Nive Sings – as played by Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children” was produced by John Parish (PJ Harvey, Eels, M.Ward) and Nive with additional production by Jan de Vroede and Alain Auger, and has an international and royal set of collaborators, including John Parish (PJ Harvey), Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), Ralph Carney, Patrick Carney (Black Keys), Eric Craven, Lisa Gamble (Hrsta, Evangelista), Alden Penner (Clues, Unicorns), Matt Bauer (Alela Diane) and Arlen Thompson (Wolf Parade).

The album was assembled over a period of two years, partially recorded on cold winter nights, wrapped in the smell of cedar in a tiny attic in Nuuk, Greenland. Influenced by a personal pilgrimage, Nive travelled across the world recording with friends in incredibly diverse places including Bristol, Montreal, Tucson, San Francisco, Ghent and Antwerp.

Besides immersing yourself in her musical landscape where cowboy boots, walking in the snow, ghosts, bugs and naughty reindeer all live side by side, Nive is an actress who you may have seen in Terrence Malick’s “The New World” opposite Colin Farrell.

Even though Nive is an Inuk, a real Eskimo, and doesn’t live in an igloo, her homestead is only a 3-mile bus ride away from the North Pole! Brush up on your foreign vocabulary in the song “Tuttukasik” where Nive uses a very long Greenlandic word: tuttututututuutuuttututuuttututuut. Welcome to Nive’s Eskimo world.