free mp3: “Grown Unknown” by Lia Ices

lia ices

I’m pretty pumped to have come across this artist. Lia Ices, while certainly young in her career, will soon make a loud splash in the world of indie music. And recently signing to Jagjaguwar certainly won’t hurt her. This is what the label had to say about her:

We are honored to announce that Brooklyn, NY artist Lia Ices has signed with Jagjaguwar. True to the ever present dichotomies that serve as a source of inspiration for her, Lia’s emotionally driven and experimental pop music is both avant garde and timeless.

A natural yet refined grace permeates Ices’ work: she is a piano herself. Dancing on a finely crafted line between the percussive qualities of her instrument, and the melodic elements within the rhythm of her voice, Ices’ music reveals itself as epiphany. With such overt elegance as if from a bygone era, listening to Ices’ music inspires a psychic time slip, and its hard to know if you’re wading in the warmest of memories or awed by the invention and glow of new surroundings.

Please stay tuned for an announcement about Lia Ices’ upcoming album. For now we are very happy to share a new song! “Grown Unknown” is a triumphant and haunted pop song structured with handclaps, guitar and violins to complement Ices’ captivating vocals.

Download her new tune, “Grown Unknown” by right-clicking and clicking “Save Link As.”

Lia Ices :: Grown Unknown