Free: Oh Dorian’s NEW single, “Strung Finger of an Old Dear”

Oh Dorina - Heather Kemp

We have an interview with Heather Kemp, better known as Oh Dorian, coming soon to The Blue Indian. But, since we’ve made your eyes bleed with so many interviews as of late, we figured we’d hold off on posting interviews for a bit– at least until the weekend is up. Oh Dorian sent over two tunes a few days ago. As you can see, both are for your listening pleasure here. The single, “Strung Finger of an Old Dear,” off Oh Dorian’s new, untitled yet-to-be released record is available for FREE download. “Happy Hookah” is the single’s B-side. Initially, Oh Dorian had the plans to release a 7″ of the single during the month of September with the plans to follow with the LP release in November. It didn’t work out. She’s gonna let us know when the 7″ is out so that all of you can purchase it like good art-supportive citizens.

So from Oh Dorian to you, enjoy.

Click HERE to be taken to the free download of the single, “Strung Finger of an Old Dear.”