The Blue Indian - Logo, HeaderThe Blue Indian is looking for a writer (maybe 2), who specializes in review records, but is open to writing other music-related articles to be published¬† on TheBlueIndian.com. Candidates should have a deep knowledge of music past and present, with a particular interest in emerging artists, and must be able to communicate ideas clearly with an engaging and relevant voice. Please keep in mind that this is a volunteer position. However, as sort of a reward, you will receive free music as long as you contribute to The Blue Indian (in other words, name the record you want and it’s yours). Also, this is a great opportunity ¬†for the writer to gain experience while building a strong resume.

Those interested in joining the group of writers at The Blue Indian should email [email protected] with the following:

  • Your best 1-2 piece(s) – links or attachments are fine
  • Name 5 artists and their respective records that you’re really digging these days
  • a 60-100 word biography on yourself– i.e.- http://www.theblueindian.com/meet-the-writers/