Hear Sufjan Stevens Covers by Bonnie ‘Prince’, Derek Webb, Half-Handed Cloud, and more!

From our friends at AsthmaticKitty.com:

In 2004, Sounds Familyre released Sufjan Stevens’ Seven Swans. And yesterday, micro-label On Joyful Wings released Sevens Swans Reimagined. They’ve gathered quite the cabal of artists who have managed to dive into the Seven Swans material and fish from it some intriguing interpretations of the 2004 record. Appearances include Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Unwed Sailor, Inlets, and the David Crowder Band, but also our own Half-handed Cloud, Shannon Stephens, and DM Stith. It’s quite good!

Profits from the album benefit the Susan G. Komen For The Cure breast cancer foundation.

You can stream for free and buy it for $10 here, or below. Be sure to also check out their 2010 compilation “We Were Lost, We Were Free” featuring Cool Hand Luke, TW Walsh, and others.

<a href=”http://onjoyfulwings.bandcamp.com/album/seven-swans-reimagined” _mce_href=”http://onjoyfulwings.bandcamp.com/album/seven-swans-reimagined”>Seven Swans Reimagined by On Joyful Wings</a>