Imogen Heap’s Impressive Improv For Charity

Every night on her recent tour of North America, British electro-pop artist Imogen Heap would record a completely improvised piece of music over a key and tempo given by the audience moments before. The tracks were then made available as downloads on and all the proceeds from sales go to a local charities chosen by the audience. It’s very impressive how good the songs she creates are considering they are all done on-the-fly.

You can listen to and purchase the “trimmed” versions of all 23 live charity improvs below without the talking/crowd participation before and after each track with the aim of creating a 23 track live album you can listen to uninterrupted. To hear an example of full song with crowd interaction listen to this track from her Denver show. In it she explains where the idea came from, crowd sources for her key and tempo, and gets their feedback as she starts the song.

Feeling generous and digging the tunes? Help her meet her goal of raising $54,353 for charities.