Jubee and the Morning After Hit National TV

Last night was a big one for Macon’s local music scene. Our very own, home-grown band Jubee and the Morning After gave an incredible performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!… well sort of. They were incredible, Kimmel was not.

Macon was rife with excitement – a large crowd gathered at the Cox Capitol Theater to watch it live with the band and even more were tuning in at home. Kimmel tortured us though. After what seemed like an eternity of mind-numbing interviews with Snooki and Chaz Bono, product placement, and promos for Beavis & Butthead’s revival, we finally got to see our hometown heroes. For 45 seconds. With half the screen covered by credits.

Folks in Middle Georgia were pretty miffed (especially with Kimmel’s announcement that you could go to JimmyKimmelLive.com to see the entire performance which wasn’t and still isn’t true), but they don’t need to complain anymore. The fine folks at the American Broadcasting Company have put the entire song on Kimmel’s YouTube Channel and without the credits covering Jubee’s lovely lower half (yay!).

The band was tight, energetic, and made The Blue Indian and all of Georgia proud. We’re hoping these guys go a lot farther in the near future.

Jubee & the Morning After PLay Jimmy Kimmel Live!

[youtube id=oC5BnxT60ps showinfo=0]

You can see photos of Jubee & TMA and Pitbulls show on Flickr.