Modern Skirts + Littlest Sounds Tour in Macon

This upcoming weekend is a very busy one for all of us in Macon. On Friday, Athens, Georgia favorites MODERN SKIRTS triumphantly return to town, bringing with them indie rock outfit THE WINTER SOUNDS and Charleston, South Carolina’s Joel Hamilton (formerly of The Working Title). These are easily three of the best bands that we’ve booked in Macon this year and happen to be close friends with our local staff, so all in all we’re expecting a great time. Everything is set to go down at The Rookery in beautiful Downtown Macon. Thanks to our good friend Ariel for making this amazing looking flyer for the show! You can RSVP on Facebook here!

Things don’t slow down on Saturday as Nashville, Tennessee based blog Littlest Sounds brings their first ever tour to Macon. The tour features Nashville band Commerce, and two Boston,¬†Massachusetts-area bands, Big White Clouds and Amory and The Uproar. I’m almost as excited about seeing these three stellar bands as I am to witness the first show that Kennesaw, Georgia band Mama Gypsy has ever played in Macon. These guys are really good friends of mine and I haven’t heard a bad thing about them yet. I’m quite thrilled to have so much great music going on in a matter of 24 hours. So, this leaves a lot for you to do over the next few days. Check out all these bands if you aren’t familiar with them, check out Littlest Sounds and their awesome, free, monthly mix tapes and lastly, come hang out with us on Friday and Saturday in Macon. I’m promising you it will be worth your time.