mp3 Download: “The Mission” by Valley Maker

austin crane

So our friends over at Fork & Spoon Records sent us an email about this new weekly, one-microphone recording series called, “Casual Fridays.” I love what they’re doing over there. Two of the bands on their roster– Those Lavender Whales and Can’t Kids— received praises from Holly Etchison here at TBI last year. We get tons of emails a day but the smart folks put certain key phrases that they know will grab our attention in the subject lines. Aaron Graves at Fork & Spoon is one of those smart folk because he put “Valley Maker” in the subject of his email and of course I’m gonna stop what I’m doing to read what he has to say and it also doesn’t hurt that he’s runs one of our favorite labels.

Hey Luke! This is Aaron from Fork & Spoon records and Those Lavender

forkandspoonWhales. Fork & Spoon started doing this thing every friday where we post a  “casual” recording of a band playing in our house.

Today’s was Austin Crane playing a new Valley Maker song. I know (from your site) how much you love his music, so I thought I’d let you know.


I hope you are well.
 Love, Aaron
Yes, Aaron– we do love Austin and all of his Valley Maker songs. And we love you for sharing the song with us! Thanks to Aaron and everyone else at Fork & Spoon Records, you can download “The Mission” by Valley Maker for FREE below!