mp3: “Fun Funeral” by Oryx and Crake

oryx and crake

Oryx and Crake is a 9-person band from Atlanta, GA whose lyrical beauty and musical complexity contains “hints of Sparklehorse, Portishead, Wilco, and even The Mamas and The Papas” (The Moon and Pluto), but with a sound that is their own. Normally a 9-piece band has the potential of sounding chaotic, but not this band. They’ve got a good balance going on. You should try to make it out to The Earl to catch them at their CD Release Show. Somebody will be there representing TBI for sure.
Oryx and Crake :: Fun Funeral

CD Release Show
The Earl
488 Flat Shoals Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30316
8/28/10 9:00PM
w/ Venice is Sinking and Book of Colors