mp3: Washed Out’s Remix of Small Black’s “Despicable Dogs”

small black ep

One of my favorite Washed Out songs actually isn’t Washed Out’s after all. The track is Small Black’s “Despicable Dogs.” Greene’s remix of the track is stunning, to say the least. His attention to the original melody reminds me of why he’s so good at what he does. If you’re in Europe, you should catch one of their shows. Washed Out and Small Black are on tour in Europe from now until June 6th.

You should also check out Small Black’s EP (best on Vinyl). For now, preview the EP by listening to Small Black’s “Despicable Dogs.” Then, check out Washed Out’s remix of the track. I hope all you glo-fi hipsters have a pleasantly lazy Memorial Day weekend.

Small Black :: Despicable Dogs

Despicable Dogs :: (Washed Out Remix)