New Damien Jurado Track “This Time Next Year”

Legendary singer/songwriter Damien Jurado has been cranking out a lot of great new music this year. In May, his album “Saint Bartlett” was released and earned a solid 9/10 rating from our own TBI reviewer Sarah Bates. In the weeks leading up to its release he wrote, recorded, and shared a new song-a-week on his MySpace page.

Today, Jurado has shared yet another new recording online: “This Time Next Year“. Have a listen below and let us know what you think about this new song about faith. Head over to its SoundCloud page to get a good look at the lyrics.

**UPDATE – July 29 ** Here’s hoping free Jurado tracks on SoundCloud are going to become a regular occurrence. He has followed up with a second track today called “Nothing is the News“. It’s short and sweet with a gorgeous little chorus.