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Winter Sounds - Kick Starter

You may remember when The Blue Indian interviewed The Winter Sounds. Remember? Well, you should know that The Blue Indian doesn’t just endorse any band or just any form of art. We’re thoughtfully strategic in who we choose to feature on this site. With that simply said, we ask that you consider how you can play a part in helping The Winter Sounds record and promote their new record. In such a poor economy, artists have to find ways to be intuitive in their efforts to survive. The Winter Sounds is band of good guys (and girl) who are simply interested in giving you all something good to listen to, to enjoy, and to share with your friends and family. Okay, that totally sounded cheesy, but in so many ways, it’s true. The Winter Sounds have decided to use this unique method of funding ideas and endeavors called, “Kickstarter.” And in that, Kickstarter believes that a good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide. With that said, it only makes sense that a large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement to a hard-working band, such as The Winter Sounds. But, what’s in it for us– the generous, believing givers? Well, lead vocalist for The Winter Sounds, Patrick, wanted to personally tell you.

Patrick says:

“We have a fund raiser on Kickstarter. Can you help us? What is Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a fund-raising tool that we are using to raise money to fund our next record. The beauty of Kickstarter is the way in which people can donate or pledge. For every pledge, there’s a specific reward.  If you tour kickstarter a bit, you’ll see that there are a variety of exciting projects in the works and for each one, there’s really unique rewards that only the project host can deliver.  For The Winter Sounds, we’ve got everything from handmade scarves, a handmade, handwritten book of lyrics of all our recorded music, t-shirts, hoodies, signed tour posters, etc… all the way up to having us write a song for for someone! Mostly Kickstarter acts as a pre-order giving us a chance to offer up our future record in exchange for the funds to record it. We’ve worked really, really hard on all the rewards. Every reward builds on top of the other.  So by the time you get to $250 (for example), you would get a handmade scarf, the entire Theory 8 physical catalog, our entire physical catalog, a hoodie, a fundraiser specific t-shirt, a copy of the new album two weeks before release date, signed tour poster, buttons and stickers all mailed to your door.”

Folks, you can’t beat this. So, move. Help The Winter Sounds. They need us. And trust me, they’re very deserving of such help.

Visit their Kickstarter page HERE.

You can visit their web page HERE.

You can check out their MySpace HERE.