Ryan Adams Covers 80s Heavy Metal Band Ratt

Most Ryan Adams fans know him as an alt-country superstar – with several Grammy nominations and over 20 albums released, he certainly is. What many don’t know is that behind those honest lyrical stylings and that achy-breaky-yet-sincere voice is a heavy metal rocker wanting to get out.

Last year Adams played an acoustic Iron Maiden cover and had the world scratching their heads at the bizarre Halloween Metal Show that he “hosted” on YouTube. On a recent stop in CBCradio’s Q, he played a set that included the following beautiful stripped down rendition of the 1984 hit song by hair metal rockers Ratt.

Be sure to watch the video of Ratt’s original song after you give Adams fantastic acoustic version of “Round and Round” a listen. It’s full of plenty of predictable 80s imagery: men in tights with permed locks that rock so loud and stick it to The Man so hard that the hot chick can’t resist the music and just has to join them to party. Bonus: literal ratts. Enjoy!

Ryan Adams – Round and Round (Ratt cover)

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Ratt – Round and Round (official 1984 video)

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