Exclusive Album Stream: SAINT CORSAIR – ‘Velvet & Soil’

photo by Maxwell Turner

photo by Maxwell Turner

saint corsair

Velvet & Soil Album Art

Although Saint Corsair only played their first show last year at Savannah Stopover, the songs that make up Velvet & Soil, their upcoming debut EP, begin to take shape more than two years ago. The project of Savannah-based musician Lucas Carpenter, Saint Corsair emerged from recording sessions with Trevor Estes, a friend of Carpenter’s, that would take place whenever he returned home to LA.

In addition to the sessions in LA, he recorded in his apartment and at a studio he worked at in New York. These many moving parts came together to create Velvet & Soil, which will be released on February 19 via Furious Hooves, the Savannah-based micro-label responsible for releases from Sauna Heat, Wet Socks, Grand Vapids, and Sunglow, among others.

Velvet & Soil offers nods to acts like The National or Grizzly Bear through bright pop melodies that emerge from dark, pulsing rhythms.

We’re pleased to offer an exclusive stream of the EP — check it out and  preorder Velvet & Soil now through Furious Hooves and check out their complete roster of acts.