“Sing Your Favorite” Say Anything Contest – FREE TIX + CD

I’ve been a big fan of Say Anything for some time now. I’m slightly reluctant to say that I was only 13 when their debut album “…Is a Real Boy” came out on Doghouse Records and since then I followed the band, but more specifically the label and was introduced to some of the greatest bands of my teenage years. Fast forward eight years later and the guys have a brand new record out titled “Anarchy, My Dear” and have been criss-crossing the country with our pal Kevin Devine and his band, plus The Front Bottoms, Tallhart and a few other great bands.

On Sunday, April 22nd, their tour with Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band, Fake Problems and Tallhart stops in Atlanta at the Masquerade and the guys in the band and their management decided a great way to connect about the show would be to giveaway a pair of tickets and a copy of their newest album to one lucky guest! Even better, you don’t have to register for anything at all. We wanted to make this fun so here’s the deal:

In order to qualify to win 2 tickets to their show in Atlanta on 4/22, all you have to do is upload a video of you singing/shouting/rapping/speaking/drawing/lip-syncing your favorite verse/chorus from a SAY ANYTHING song!! Just simply upload a video to YouTube, post the link here, and the winner will be chosen the weekend of the show!! It doesn’t get much more fun than this as far as contests go and we may even have a few extra tickets in store if we get some quality entertainment out of you!

Say Anything – “Burn A Miracle”

[youtube id=CYidUiWV34w]