Staff Column: My Top 10 Beatles Songs


Okay. Back to reality: Yes, I am a paid, premium subscriber to Spotify. I’m not going to be hard headed about the technological advancement of our day; I’ll grow with the times. My collection of vinyl LPs, physical CDs, and cassette tapes is proof that the struggle with it all is real, though. I just feel it is so important for my own children to appreciate the physicality of music. I want them to get butterflies when they finally rip themellontape1 plastic off that CD or vinyl LP and are able to feverishly stick their nose inside to smell the “hot off the press” freshness we’ve all enjoyed for so long. So, while I may be “double paying” by being a monthly paid subscriber to Spotify while also buying physical copies of all of my new, favorite releases, I feel it’s acceptable and perhaps more importantly, appreciated by the artists, especially. To put it simply, though, regarding my monthly membership with Spotify, I’m a subscriber for 3 reasons and 3 reasons only: 1) for the gym (earphones), 2) for walking my dog, Mister Elwood, and 3) for the times I get that uncontrollable itch to hear a song while on the road without the CD handy (plug-in mobile Spotify to the mp3 port in the car stereo). Otherwise, I’d be a very stubborn, outspoken protester rebelling against the digitization of this gift we call music.

While many were getting new socks, those new Nike kicks, that new watch, or an endless amount of candy for Christmas, die-hard Beatles fans across the globe received perhaps the greatest gift of them all at 12:01am on Thursday, December 25th– the entire Beatles catalog available for streaming on Spotify and the other streaming services. Holy cow. This is something to truly celebrate, people. I was sitting on my couch petting my dog with my foot when I read the news in The Journal on my iPad that London-based Apple Corps Ltd., the band’s business entity, posted the news on the Beatles’ website and released a video teaser on YouTube announcing the Christmas day release of catalog’s streaming availability. I cannot adequately put into words the level of excitement felt in my bones when I watched the teaser. Friends, we have much so be thankful for this Christmas season. In the 48 hours after the the Midnight Christmas release, Beatles songs have been streamed 50 million times. You’re welcome, Spotify.

Since the news broke, for some reason, I began thinking about some of my favorite Beatles songs. Initially, I took to my personal Twitter page to ask my followers to shoot me their favorite Beatles song ever released. The responses were just incredible because most felt the need to elaborate on why that particular song is their favorite. It’s fascinating that the band can garner that much passion from their fans. There’s no such person as a “Beatles fan”; one is instead a Beatles fanatic. No middle ground. I can honestly count on one hand the amount of songs the band released that I could do without. And that’s a stretch. Truly, the band probably can do no wrong in my book.

I decided to embark on what has turned out to be a very, very difficult exercise: Ranking a Top 10 list of Beatles songs– in order with number 1 being the greatest song ever released by the band. It is a brutal task and one that has required a ton of head-scratching. To get anywhere with this daunting undertaking, I had to create a list of my 25 favorite Beatles songs, in no order, on paper so that I could begin sorting. I labored over this much list much like I did the first time I read Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” with eyes crossed and a massive headache. The end result is here and I feel good about it. I ask one thing from you, if you’re a fan of the band: challenge yourself by leaving a comment with your Top 10. I am eager to see your responses.

1. “Hey Jude” (1968) from a 7″ Single (B-Side) backing A-Side “Revolution”
2. “Oh! Darling” (1969) from Abbey Road
3. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” (1968) from The White Album
4. “Let It Be” (1970) from Let It Be
5. “Rocky Raccoon” (1968) from The White Album
6. “Eleanor Rigby” (1966) from Revolver
7. “Blackbird” (1968) from The White Album
8. “Yesterday” (1968) from Help!
9. “Come Together” (1969) from Abbey Road
10. “Here Comes The Sun” (1969) from Abbey Road

*Honorable Mentions (in no order):

“She Came Through The Bathroom Window” (1969) from Abbey Road
“Dear Prudence” (1968) from The White Album
“Golden Slumbers” (1969) from Abbey Road
“I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (1969) from Abbey Road
“I Am The Walrus” (1968) from Magical Mystery Tour
“When I’m Sixty Four” (1967) from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
“A Day in the Life” (1967) from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
“Something” (1969) from Abbey Road
“For No One” (1966) from Revolver
“Sun King” (1969) from Abbey Road
“Get Back” (1970) from Let It Be
“In My Life” (1965) from Rubber Soul
“I’ve Got a Feeling” (1970) Let It Be
“Revolution” (1968) from The White Album
“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” (1967) from Yellow Submarine