Recommends: Chelan

We’ve just caught wind of this charming duo from Los Angeles, California. They’ve got two releases under their belt and a recently (June 21st) released full-length titled Towers. We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy what you find!

Since the 2009 release of “Summer Machines” Jennifer Grady and Justin Hosford have been connecting on a regular basis in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree to finish their 3rd full-length album “Towers.”  While the creative process of Towers was similar to Chelan’s prior two albums, the end product is a showcase of the duo’s growth as both musicians and producers.  The album features a wide variety of instrumentation that walks a line between modern electric pop and indie folk.  While these traditional influences have a prominent role in Towers, the band manages to keep their originality through Grady’s haunting vocals and the duo’s knack for unique song construction.  Towers tells a story of a person growing up in a small town, then moving to a large city with intentions of pursuing an artistic future.  Once entrenched in the pace and consumption of the city the nostalgia of “home” comes into play.  Further, the album reflects the constant struggle of wonderment in finding a sense of “place” in this world, in that it can be colored in dreary bewilderment or hopeful aspirations.  Currently Grady tours year round playing in multiple music projects and Hosford resides in southern California writing score for television and film.  Towers was released June 21st, 2011 through music production company Echo Phono.

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