Top 10 Recommended Blogs/Sites

Blue Indian HeadThe new addition to The Blue Indian, its entry page, was created to simply provide you a better experience with The Blue Indian, especially if you’re a first-time visitor. The page is designed to hopefully make it easier for you, the reader, to find certain articles that may interest you more than others. And while the entry page makes The Blue Indian appear more as a website, let it be known that it is still a blog, first and foremost, and then a website, if you wish to call it that. The entry page gives it that website-feel, but it should only be seen as merely a table of contents of sorts. With that said, I’m going to blog about other blogs/sites. Or really just give you The Blue Indian’s “Top 10 Recommended Blogs/Sites.” Mind you, this top 10 list comes from over 45 blogs/sites that I have bookmarked on my MAC. ** 10-1 (10 being the least visited of the Top 10 and 1 being the most visited).

10. Cryptacize

This is the blog-site for the band, Cryptacize, who are currently signed under Sufjan Steven’s home label, Asthmatic Kitty. The blog is great for catching up on the band’s latest adventures, including posts that give you a download link to some pretty amazing mix-tapes they make. So, before following the blog, fall in love with the band by checking out their music. And read our interview with them HERE.

9. Lessons of the Poor and Lonely

You may know who Chaz Bundick is; you may not. His solo, side-project has been blogged about by some pretty high-status bloggers, such as Gorilla vs. Bear and Kanye West. He’s good friends with Georgia’s own, Ernest Greene (best known as Washed out). He contributes almost daily to his personal blog that I happen to consider a frequent-visit on our end.

8. i heart photograph

For the most part, this photo-blog is relatively random in its content– a quality that makes it so fun. Its selection of photographs is intriguing, to say the least. It’s one of those blogs that’s always a pleasant surprise. As opposed to the majority of photo-blogs whose selection of photographs cause you to admire their beauty, “i heart photograph’s” selection is instead thought-provoking.

7. Gorilla vs. Bear

The majority of indie music-blogs, whether they like it or not, have to, at times, feature popular indie-verging-on-mainstream artists/bands (for ratings), Gorilla vs. Bear simply refuses. And this is precisely their charm. If you’re into the low-fi, underground music, you definitely want to subscribe to Gvs.B’s RSS feed. The chief writer/editor, Chris, certainly keeps it interesting at Gvs.B with his selections. You can bank on him blurbing about Georgia’s Washed Out anytime WO releases a new single.

6. Kitsune Noir

Thanks to Sam Spina, I’ve bookmarked this blog as one that I’ll frequently check out. The blog has an open-end acceptance of designers who wish to have their art used as desktop wallpaper. It really is a cool thing. You have to check it out.

5. Warmer Climes

If you enjoy that clean-cut, minimalist photo-blog, then Warmer Climes should be bookmarked on your computer. This blogger keeps you interested by posting beautiful pictures, (interesting) videos, and groovin’ mixtapes. All of three of these media outlets that the blogger posts somehow express a unique sense of freedom. It’s really a good experience every time I visit this blog.

4. hey twenty-two

Christy Mullins has a knack for posting hazy, washed-out photos that are easy to look at. She’s been known for taking photos with a cheap, disposable camera. And what’s cool about this method is the raw photos usually require no editing. But, you have to have Mullins’ unique eye to capture these type of images. Her photo-blog is one I always keep up with and I find myself checking back almost daily even if she hasn’t posted anything in over a week.

3. Ernest Greene

Yep, you’re right. He’s the man behind the namesake of Washed Out, an artist frequently written about on The Blue Indian. Originally from Perry, GA, Ernest began working on his solo, music project, Washed Out, while in grad school in Columbia, SC. Greene is always finding unique ways to express himself on his photo-blog, which includes mainly photographs and videos. It must be known that the videos he posts are all ones he has actually created. So, with this blog, you’re getting a ton of homemade expressions. Always thrifty; always eye-candy. A daily-stop, no doubt.

2. Scene SC

A webzine more than a blog-site, Scene SC is still worth mentioning here. Chief editor/writer, David Stringer, is present at nearly everything happening musically every night in the state of South Carolina. One would think the dude is omni-present. Seriously. I always enjoy reading what Stringer has to say about something that’s happened in SC. With a superb music taste, Stringer keeps Scene SC interesting with nearly a new post everyday.

1. Spina Doodles

Sam Spina, a brilliant comic artist, contributes a new post nearly daily at his blog. His comics are always random, which is perhaps what makes it so satisfying. After receiving a package of comics in the mail from Spina, I have been hooked to his blog ever since. His comics are witty and simple. Most of all, they specialize in shining a light on the simpler things in life, which to me, is as refreshing as a tall glass of water after a sweat
y bike ride through the hilly mountains of Colorado. This is a blog that you MUST bookmark. You won’t regret it.