Top Ten for 2010 (List #5 of 7): by Hannah Marney

top ten of 2010 LIST 5

by Hannah Marney

10. Tiger Suit – KT TunstallKT Tunstall tiger suit

I pretty much like her no matter what. She is a girl who does her thing and does it well. I kept seeing video ads for it in the tube stations in London. Very glad I bought it.

9. The Suburbs – Arcade Fire

They always bring such earnestness to their music. It hits you deeper than your eardrums. It hits your soul. Every time.

8. Astros Coast – Surfer Blood

This stayed in heavy rotation on my iPod, especially this summer. Classic surfer guitar riffs truly are timeless and always catchy.

7. Gorilla Manor – Local Nativeslocal natives gorilla manor

This band’s first album sounds like other bands’ third album. I can’t wait to see what they do with this much talent. “Sun Hands” gets me every time.

6. Gramahawk – Modern Skirts

I have been following this band for years and I never get tired of them. Their new sound might alienate some, but at the core, the tight harmonies and pop musicality that they are known for is not missing.

5. Transference – Spoon

When The Beatles broke up, the world was never going to get a whole band like that again. But if you are looking for the strong songwriting with conscious musicianship that the Beatles had, you look to Spoon. Each album only proves it more.Macon Noise Vol 1

4. Macon Noise Vol. 1 – Various Artists

There are as many reasons this is awesome as there are talented musicians on this compilation. It’s just the start, Macon. Let’s keep it going.

3. Wreakorder – Fran Healy

Fran Healy’s solo doesn’t stray too far from what he is known for with his band Travis, though he does bring in heavy talent such as Paul McCartney and Neko Case. Healy’s cover of Beach House’s “Zebra,” like many of his covers, improves on and emphasizes the true element of greatness in the original. I had the pleasure of hearing this album live, just Healy and his guitar, with only six feet between us. This man has the best voice in the business, no doubt.

2. Brothers – The Black Keys

They have always been awesome and they only get better. I would put this album in the much better category as they stretched their blues sound a bit into the funk and soul areas. This one will stay on my iPod.

1. Self-Titled – Broken Bells broken bells

This album seems to me to fit this year so well in theme, sound, etc. I listened to a song off it everyday since it came out. I can’t wait for more.