Compilation Vol. 4

Cover Art: Daniel Bressette

Yes, the rumors are true….! We’re pleased to announce the release of the 4th volume in our FREE compilation series (you can find it in the sidebar on the right or by visting our Bandcamp). The compilations were started over two years ago as simply another way to promote the bands that we love and that are working hard for your deserved attention. Most of the acts are bands that we’ve booked around Middle Georgia and the others are either bands that have caught our attention and we hope tour this way or that we’re planning on booking. The best thing about these releases is they’re all FREE just for you! If you haven’t downloaded the previous releases yet, they can be found on the Bandcamp as well. Thanks again for Daniel Bressette for the amazing artwork and to all of the artists that participated in this volume! Help us spread the word by reposting the link to your friends! Compilation Vol. 4 Track Listing

1. Threadbare, Brother – “Famine Years”
2. Heyrocco – “Rave Monks”
3. Wowser Bowser – “To The Pleasant Life!”
4. The Milkman’s Union – “Little Bird”
5. Doctor Squid – “RockSolid”
6. Future Self – “People Proof”
7. Trendlenberg – “All That I Can Do”
8. Jon Lindsay – “Number Every Summer”
9. River Whyless – “Pigeon Feathers”
10. Virgins – “Red Green Blue”
11. Lera Lynn – “Ring of Fire”
12. The Aviation Orange – “Ingenuous Us”
13. Faun and A Pan Flute – “Sunset Dolphin Boat Ride ’98”
14. Team Swedish – “Lemon & Basil”
15. Last Year’s Men – “Paralyzed”
16. Lushlife – “Big Sur”
17. Amy Godwin – “To James, Lost At Sea (Live)”
18. Trufflelina – “Hard Times”
19. Deadhorse – “No Particular Night or Morning”