Compilation Vol. 5 – FREE DOWNLOAD Compilation Vol. 5

Artwork by Jake Hill

We’re incredibly honored and excited to release the track listing for our fifth FREE digital download compilation album. Since our first release, we’ve worked to compile an album’s worth of songs that we like, that we think you’ll like, and that feature bands that have caught our attention – from our home state and beyond. The whole team at would like to think that these releases build the sense of community that we initially hoped to create – one that strengthens the bond between musicians and the people that listen to their work. Without getting much more serious, thank you to all the musicians, artists, readers, and new fans that have supported these compilations. We’ll have many more for you in the years to come. 


-Sean & Compilation Vol. 5

1) “If I Could Tell a Story” – Andrew White – Morlautern, Germany / Atlanta, Georgia
2) “Black Heart” – Fire Mountain – Troy, Alabama
3) “Knives”- Feather Trade – Athens, Georgia
4) “Old Friend” – Low Tree Grow Tall – Atlanta, Georgia
5) “Would You”- Emily & The Complexes – Columbus, Ohio
6) “I’m Still Your Man” – Dana Swimmer – Athens, Georgia
7) “Come to the Water”- The Ramblin’ Fevers – Augusta, Georgia
8) “‘Til Dawn”- Aeocholas – Charlotte, North Carolina
9) “True Colors”- The Levee – Atlanta, Georgia
10) “The Uncertainty Paradigm” – SUNBEARS! – Jacksonville, Florida
11) “Beggars Guild”- Roadkill Ghost Choir – Deland, Florida
12) “In the Moonlight”- Blithe Field – Chicago, Illinois
13) “Best of Me” – Sam Sniper – Athens, Georgia
14) “Move to Arizona”- Patrick Brick – Athens, Georgia
15) “Swell Parade” – sunDollars – Macon, Georgia
16) “What Wondrous Love” – Wilder Adkins – Birmingham, Alabama
17) “All the Time”- Triathalon – Savannah, Georgia
18) “The Garden” – Wowser Bowser – Atlanta, Georgia
19) “Branches and Time” – Nurture – Athens, Georgia
20) “Polaroids” – Lennox – Macon, Georgia