Upcoming Full US Tour + LP from Rabbit!

Indie rock band Rabbit!, of Mount Dora, Florida, will tour the U.S. in a grassroots effort to spread awareness, uncover hidden realities, and celebrate the modern-day heroes of our nation’s arts & music education system or lack thereof. In light of the progressively deteriorating state of arts education program funding in America’s public schools system, the tour will set out to raise awareness through live music performance while shedding light on the issues faced by communities everyday as a direct result of the recent or impending discontinuation of art-related academia. Rabbit!’s Music Stand will be a 48 day fully-documented, interactive experience with live music performances by Rabbit!, interviews, and humble service as a part of each local stop, as well as a global online community of supporters offering their stories, encouragement, and optional donations to make for a 360-degree conservation & awareness effort.

In addition to the tour, the band will be releasing a new full length album titled “Go For It” on July 5th. Look out for them on the upcoming TheBlueIndian.com Compilation Volume 3 ( due out early July ).

You can see all the tour dates posted HERE. Many more to come, so drop in and see them when they come to your city! If you want to check out music the band has already released, head over to their Bandcamp site and give it a listen.