Will You Help Besides Daniel?

A note from Besides Daniel:

We are raising funds for Besides Daniel‘s “Quarter Dozen One-Shots” on Kickstarter! We aspire, with your help in pre-ordering, to shoot three ambitious, single-shot, live performance, music videos before May. Can we do it? We shall see. We seek to get three of our new tunes in a format to sell before this summer. As you may know, we hit the road in May and since we don’t have time to record a record, we decided to do something a bit different. So in an effort to have an accurate representation of who we are today and what we are currently doing, we dreamt up this idea of “a quarter dozen single-shot music videos.”

A “one-shot” is any music video which consists of action, continuous in time and space, from the perspective of a single camera. One of the most famous music video directors for this genre is Michel Gondry, who has done many of his videos in this style. Music videos by Michel Gondry include, Lucas – Lucas With The Lid Off, 1994, Cibo Matto – Sugar Water, 1996, Radiohead – Knives Out, 2001, Kylie Minogue – 2002, The White Stripes – The Denial Twist, 2005, Gary Jules – Mad World, 2006.

We will be shooting one song in a park here in Atlanta, one at a friends house, & one in a big fancy church (yet to be found). We hope that you will take a sec to pre-order one of these DVDs to help make our dream a reality. The funds raised here will go to pay for the video shoots, the sound engineers, and the manufacturing of this DVD.

We have a lot of shows and tours coming up in the next few months and, as you know, the only way to survive on the road is through merch sales. Once this project is completed, we will have a true reflection of Besides Daniel as we exist today. and a way for folks to leave our shows with three of our newest songs in their hands.
Thanks for your pre-order and for helping to make our dreams a reality.