Featured Artist of ACL Festival 2013 – BOBBY JEALOUSY


Bobby Jealousy – By: Jon Chamberlain

TheBlueIndian.com crew was lucky enough to make our ACL debut last year and enjoy sets from the likes of First Aid Kit, Bassnectar, M83, and many more. We’d later return to Austin in March to provide coverage of SXSW, but our upcoming visit to Austin may be the most anticipated yet. Since ACL announced the festival would transition to two weekends, tickets began moving – and moving fast. With weekend one (October 4th-6th) sold out already and weekend two (October 11th-13th) well on its way, we figured we share an act or two that we don’t want to get lost in the fine print of your festival schedule.

BOBBY JEALOUSY is a “young band of old souls determined to claim pop music for the underground.” The group calls Austin home when they’re not on the road and were picked earlier this year to be one of a handful of Lone Star state bands playing in Zilker Park over the first weekend. They play at 11:15am on Saturday, October 5th at the Austin Ventures Stage. Catch them on tour this fall.

Congrats on being one of the bands from Texas that actually gets to represent their great state at ACL 2013! What were you all doing when you got the news that you would be playing?

Sabrina: I was standing in a quiet coffee shop when I saw the email and I stated, “Who did I have to fuck to get this?” Loudly. Then I told the guys. At first, Adam didn’t believe me because we were in the middle of this April Fool’s prank where we pretended to be moving to Nashville to be a country band called Lovers Under the Stars. He thought it was all part of the act.

Jon Chamberlain

Jon Chamberlain

I feel certain that since the band’s from Austin that at least a few of you have attended ACL in the past? Any great stories from those festivals or even things that have gone on in Austin during the weekend if you haven’t been before?

Adam: I was waiting front and center to see Modest Mouse, tripping my balls off, when a girl next to me started having a seizure. She fell into my arms so I carried her out of the crowd and to the medical tent. It took me half the set to get my spot back. I didn’t even get her number. But that’s okay, it was hard to tell if she was cute, because she was seizing.

The bands latest release was a four-track EP of demos for an expected 2014 release, correct? What progress have you made on new songs since that release and is it too early to set an expected release date?

Sabrina: Seth has been in the studio for sixteen hours a day this week and we come and go as he tells us. We’re sure major changes are going on. The album could be finished any day now or it could take years. He’s got the spark of ambition in his wild blue eyes and we can’t wait to hear what he comes up with in his mad lab.

Since you’re the first act playing on Saturday, October 5th, why should people make it to the grounds early for your set?

Sabrina: That’s a good question. They’ll see our name on the schedule and think, “Bobby Jealousy, I’ve never heard of them before.” Some hipsters might look us up online to decide whether they want to see us. Others may pass us on their way to Parquet Courts. We realize we need to make a grand impression in the first 15 minutes while we’re the only music on the grounds. But there is no good reason why people should want to see us, yet. We’ll be totally imposing ourselves on an unsuspecting audience. It’s a dangerous honor we’ve been given.

What are a few “must visit” spots for any Austin first-timers?

Seth: See the bats. That’s what I tell everyone who visits. Go see the bats. I’ve never been.

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