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Though we didn’t get to have everyone we wanted write in our interview book, we were able to get in touch with a couple of bands playing Bonnaroo for post-festival conversation on the ways of the world, life on the road, and the like.. Shortly after getting back from Tennessee, we were able to catch up with Rachel Kolar of LA-based group He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister

The band is currently resting up in preparation for a short UK-tour, but they’ll be home soon and US dates begin mid-August and continue through November. The band will be at Terminal West in Atlanta on November 8th Your first Bonnaroo is over! How was it?

Rachel Kolar: Great. Totally mad. So many people, so much sweat. All good fun.

If you spent a bit of time walking around at the festival, you probably saw some things a bit out of the ordinary. What was the strangest thing you encountered over the weekend?

Nothing all that strange. Once you’ve been to Burning Man, there isn’t much that seems out of the ordinary.

For many attending, psychedelics play a part in the festivities of the weekend in some way. Is this the case with the band or is that a phase you all have grown out of/never grew in to?

I believe psychedelics should be taken for medicinal purposes. I think taking psychedelics at a rock fest has the potential for an enlightening experience, but not for me at this point in my life. I like to be alone in nature when I trip and I am very selective about when I do it.

You had an early set Friday, so who did you all get to see with the extra time?

We had to bust our asses to Virginia to play the Tour De Fat festival. We came back to the ‘Roo on Sunday and I caught David Byrne and Tom Petty. Very awesome on both accounts.

You’ve been on the road a good bit over the past year and six people in a van can seem a bit crowded at times I’m sure. Without embarrassing anyone too much, who has the worst van etiquette? 

Our old guitarist had the gnarliest farts. He would eat tuna and chimichangas from gas stations, so I guess that’s expected.

After a few more festivals, the band is heading to the UK for a run of dates. Will this be your first time on tour overseas? 

We played a Fest in the Czech Republic a few summers ago, but this run is a little more legit. Rob and my family is English so we’re pretty psyched to play for a lot of them for the first time.

What’s the best advice you can give anyone attending a major music festival for the first time?

Rain boots.

Make sure to pick up a copy of HMB, SMS’s latest album, ‘Nobody Dances in This Town‘. 

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