Q&A with Dead Confederate

dead confederateTBI’s Sean Pritchard recently did a phone interview with Hardy Morris of Dead Confederate about the band’s newest album, touring, Georgia’s music scene, and covering Neil Young.

TBI (Sean Pritchard): Glad to get to chat with you all. Where are you and the band right now, given the cancellations with Minus The Bear, and how have you been spending the time off from what seems to have been a very busy year?

DC (Hardy Morris): We’ve been spending the time off at home in Athens, just resting up, enjoying the time with family and friends and getting ready for the few dates we’re doing at the end of the year.

TBI: 2010 has been a great year for Dead Confederate. The release of your 2nd LP Sugar has been met with acclaim from NPR, Rolling Stone, Paste, etc.

I personally am a big fan of the record, even much more then your first LP, because it seems like you all sat down and were able to refine and tighten your sound while still keeping the raw energy of the first album. Can you tell me a bit about the recording process and steps you took to craft this album?

Dead Confederate :: Run From the Gun

DC: Our first album (Wrecking Ball) was longer, darker, even moodier songs, where as this one just conveys a different message. We still love all of those songs, we love playing them, but moods change over time and such was the case with this record. We wrote and made demos of the songs on Sugar, but didn’t go to great lengths to learn them as extensively as we did on our first album, we wanted to go into the studio and be able to still have a lot of room to work with.

TBI: I made note that the album was recorded in Hoboken, NJ with John Angelo, who has worked with The Hold Steady, Sonic Youth, and Dinosaur Jr to name a few. What was it like working with John?

DC: We were introduced to John when Dinosaur Jr took us on the road a few years ago and we’ve always been fans of the artists that he’s worked with. He came to see us in New York and we met up and became friends and talked about working together. He’s a great producer and had a great deal to contribute to the CD.

TBI: The band has been to Macon a few times in the past, creating a local buzz through shows at the Hummingbird with Futurebirds and The Whigs. This time you all will be on stage at the Cox Capitol Theatre on December 29th as part of a four show tour in the South where the band will be playing Neil Young’s Tonight’s The Night. What are your reasons for picking this record to cover and can we expect any songs from either of your LP’s?

DC: This is probably one of my favorite records of all time. It’s one that we listen to all the time when we’re in the band and we felt that if we we’re going to do these few holiday shows, it would be the perfect album to do. It’s a festive and fun. Each night is going to be different but we’re planning on sticking to just Neil Young songs.

TBI: The band will be back in Athens for a show on Dec 30th at the Max Canada. I tried to find more information about this show online but had some trouble getting anything back. Who all will be joining you for the show and how does Dead Confederate bring in the New Year?

DC: Closing out the year in Athens is a treat for us. This should be a great show. Right now its just going to be us and our close friends on stage doing the cover set, but we’ll just have to see what happens that night.

TBI: What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Any resolutions for you or the band for 2011?

DC: We’re just going to hang out around Athens, find some parties and close out the year the right way. As for resolutions, we’re just planning on writing more, possibly recording some music and gearing up for tour.

TBI: With a few South East shows booked for 2011 already, what can fans expect from the band next year?

DC: We’re heading out to tour Europe with The Whigs in February and will be over there for a few weeks before coming back to the States. I’m not to sure what we have in the works after that but I’m sure we’ll be making our way around.

TBI: After attending the recent showcase Favorite Gentlemen Records held in Atlanta, I was repeatedly reminded of the close-knit and die-hard music scene that has continued to grow out of Georgia in the past years. What are some of your current favorite Peach State bands to recommend to our readers?

DC: We’re all fans of all the bands on Favorite Gentlemen. Deerhunter, Atlas Sound, anything that Bradford [Cox] has done is amazing. And our good friends, also from Athens, The Futurebirds.

TBI: Hardy, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Looking forward to seeing you all in Macon on December 29th.

DC: Thanks, we’re looking forward to it!