Q&A with Floco Torres

The Blue Indian (Luke): So, you’re from Jersey. What was it like growing up there?

Floco Torres: Yea, Willingboro NJ. It was cool man. I learned alot there but I also moved around alot from living in Macon when I was really young, to NY, to Philly, and a lot of places around Jersey. But Jersey deserves more respect than it gets, minus the bad drivers. [Laughs]

Luke: Cool. Tell me about your journey to Macon– the stops on the way down and why you finally decided to settle here in Macon, GA.

Floco: I supposedly had an internship with a major label the summer of 08′ and I was already planning to try to hit Atlanta. I left on a Friday and by Saturday afternoon, I was driving in VA and got the call that the program had been canceled. So I decided to keep coming down and stay with my Uncle and Grandma who live in Macon. I met a lot of interesting people on my drive down, VERY interesting. [Laughs] Didn’t plan on being in Macon for almost 2 years now but its worked out…

Luke: Yes, it has. And you’re certainly doing your own thing. I mean, there’s not a huge hip-hop scene here in Macon, is there?

Floco: The thing is there IS. There are alot of artists doing their thing outside of me and the other big names in Macon. It comes down to unity and people getting over this side of town and this crowd. Just make the music YOU want and then progress with who likes you. Or at least thats what I’ve learned. But there’s also alot of crap too, which is everywhere. [Laughs] No shots. I just try and stay in my lane keep my sneakers clean…literally..Somebody is always steppin on ’em! [Laughs]

Luke: The Blue Indian will soon put on a show hosting touring act, Toro y Moi out of Columbia, SC. His track, “Talamak,” (you have to check it out) was recently blogged about by Kanye. When this show happens, I’d like to see you perform as well… mainly because I’d like to see you two collaborate.

Floco: I’ve already searched for this song and you may hear a remix sooner than you think. And for the show…I’m down.

Luke: I noticed you don’t rap exclusively. You sing and sing well. I’ve also noticed that you also have a backing rock band behind you when you perform. What artists/musicians have impacted you most so far in your career?

Floco: Sing Well!? [Laughs] Thanks for that man. I won’t quit my rapping job though. And yeah, I put together a rock band for my shows to take it to the next level. Of course Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Muse, Coldplay, Paramore, Vampire Weekend, and the many local musicians I’ve seen in and around Macon, GA.

Luke: Awesome music taste, man, Oh yeah, everyone needs to know that you have a Twitter account. I’ve enjoyed catching up on the past few days of your feed. I saw you have a shout-out to Besides Daniel and Molly Parden. I think you need to get Molly to sing on your next new jam. What do you say? I bet she’d be up for it.

Floco: I was anti-Twitter for a while and still kind of am, but I have fun with it. It’s all Jubee from City Council’s fault! [Laughs] But yeah, I caught their show in Macon last week or so and enjoyed it. I kind of have a professional crush (Dont kill me Molly’s BF, just business) [Laughs] on Molly Parden so I DEFINITELY want to work with her. There’s something about her voice that I think we could create something pretty good together. And shes a good writer too from what I heard.

Luke: She’s pretty amazing. Her growth as an artist over the past year or so is unreal.What inspires you these days, Floco?

Floco: Colors, cause & effect essay questions, art, fashion, and everytime I talk to my 9 year old sister and my little brother.

Luke: I noticed on your blog that one of your favorite spots in Macon is The Golden Bough Bookstore. What’s some of your favorite books that you’ve read over the years?

Floco: The Golden Bough is awesome! Catch me in there hanging out at any given time when I’m in Macon. “Catch Me If You Can,” The Frank Abagnale story. I read “To Kill A Mocking Bird” again ’cause I failed the test on it in High School. The Macbeth story(cant remember the name of the book though) and I’m reading “Where the Money Was” right now and it’s dope. I mainly read a lot of billboard charts and artist interviews though.

Luke: Tell me about your collaboration with Al K!ng called “Social Collision.” Should I check K!ng out?

Floco: I was introduced to K!ng when I first got to Macon a year and a half or so ago. We just kept working together on a song here and there, and it pretty much was just supposed to happen I guess. The name came from these jeans Hot Topic sells and we thought it would be cool to try and get a sponsorship (never worked). [Laughs] But it also represented 2 artists with a similar mindset but two COMPLETELY different ways of doing things. And it came out dope. You should check him out…

Luke: For sure, man. Floco, I hope this is the beginning with you and The Blue Indian. Break some exclusive news to The Blue Indian about what’s next for you.

Floco: Definitely man. I hate it took me so long to hit you guys up but I’ve been watching the movement. Im working on 2 projects, “Catch Me If You Can” EP which is based off the Frank Abagnale movie with Leonardo Dicaprio & “Floco’s Modern Life,” which just got pushed back to August by Random Family Records, *no shots*. [Laughs] “Catch Me If You Can” doesnt have a date yet, but there could be a small tour later this year…Stay tuned. Thanks guys!